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Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors


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"Savak make a potent and pointed agitpop racket on their new album, Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors, which manages to balance the dark and moody with the catchy as fuck." - Noisey

"SAVAK’s debut LP, features plenty of dread-fueled, post-punk angst tempered with catchy hooks - and it’s outstanding." - Magnet

"The work on Best of Luck ranges from jangly, pop-infused punk in a Rezillos strain to more aggressive pieces, but everything here reverberates with an abundance of kinetic energy. Savak is the band that plays the party after the after party as they can maintain energy for any audience at any time of night. This is just awesome." - Jersey Beat

“[A]n intense and catchy collection of songs with a number of subtle tricks up its sleeve.” - Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Superior twin-guitar slash action from members of Obits, Make-Up, Holy Fuck et al. Adding Saints-worthy brass on standout Early Western Traders boosts the prevailing Wipers-do-Joe Jackson aura. Four stars!” - Mojo

“Hooky and immediate. These songs have real staying power.” - Brooklyn Vegan

"[T]he perfect distillation of their previous bands with skronking saxophones, sharp post-punk rhythms and reverb-rich 60’s psych-pop melodies all held together with a hardcore punk heart." - Atlas & The Anchor

“A hook-ladened and punchy record that should appeal to more than (but inclusive to) just fans of the group’s other projects.” - Free Williamsburg

"There are parts where it sounds like Lee Ranaldo is fronting some poppier version of the Wipers. I assure you it's high praise.” - David Park, WMXM

"By blending different waves of rock and roll, SAVAK has created an album that everyone can genuinely enjoy.” - Indie Band Guru

“Wonderful.” - The Observer

Dr. Action calls. He’s coming over in a heartbeat and wants to know if you have the sounds to wiggle his stethoscope.

You didn’t, but now you do.

Let’s call them SAVAK. That’s what they call themselves, and it would be rude to make up a different name for them. A six-piece rock unit elegant enough for entertaining, but sturdy enough for everyday use. From the hooky self-loathing of the Buzzcocks to early Funkadelic brain lint to the lithe guitar interplay of the Ventures and/or Television, these men stir up songs you can dance to. And think about. Or just think about dancing to.

And don’t worry, SAVAK brings years of experience to the job. Collectively about 150 years, to be somewhat more specific. Michael “Jaws” Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion sing and play guitar – at the same time! Sohrab learned that particular parlor trick in The Obits and Edsel. Jaws cut his teeth in Seattle with The Cops and Virgin Islands. Holding the bass guitar, but never slapping or popping it, is fellow Obit Greg Simpson. Keyboardist James Canty’s secret? He knows which keys control which notes. When it’s his turn to play, he simply presses them and – boop! He’s done this before with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and The Make-Up. Okay, pop quiz: name another band with two drummers. The Doobie Brothers?! Ugh. Fine, we’ll give you Boredoms and the NEU! ’75 LP. Anyway, SAVAK toggles between a pair of ace rhythm men. Benjamin Van Dyke, known to many in South Brooklyn for his elementary school teaching skills and to ex-Long Island hardcore kids for keeping time in Silent Majority. And Matt Schulz, an enthusiastic snacker and the self-winding clock behind Canadian electronic maniacs Holy Fuck. But while one performs onstage with SAVAK, is the other at home, helplessly flailing his arms and legs to the unheard music? We’re not sure.

At this juncture, you may be wondering: Where can I get some? My local Ford dealer? The produce aisle of the Park Slope Food Coop? SAVAK’s debut LP, Best of Luck in Future Endeavors, is being released in unwholesome stereo by Comedy Minus One. Whether you’re making angry love to America or sticking up an Edible Arrangements with a banana, this is your new soundtrack.

Ça va? SAVAK!


released May 27, 2016

SAVAK is Sohrab Habibion, Michael Jaworski, Greg Simpson, James Canty, Matt Schulz and Benjamin Van Dyke.

With help from Johnny Sangster (percussion), Geoff Sanoff (guitar & keyboards), Josh Sinton (saxophone) and Greg Vegas (saxophone).

Produced by Geoff Sanoff and SAVAK.

Artwork/Photography by Rick Froberg.


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SAVAK Brooklyn, New York

Formed in 2015 by members of The Obits, Holy Fuck and The Cops.

SAVAK is Sohrab Habibion, Michael Jaworski and Matt Schulz.

Joe Smyth

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Track Name: Alive In Shadows
I am chameleon, I learn to change my shape
My skin is crawling, my voice will fluctuate
You live above me, you have a normal day
I live beneath you, but I can pay my way

Alive in Shadows

Reciprocation, it is a two way street
Humiliation, it is the food I eat
You feed it to me, I lay down at your feet
Do I belong here in your society

Alive in Shadows

We creep along like shadows in the night
To hide in corners you will never find

I am chameleon, I learn to change my shape
My skin is crawling, my voice will fluctuate
You live above me, it is the price you pay
I live beneath you, but I can pay my way

Alive in Shadows

We creep along like shadows in the night
To hide in corners you will never find
Track Name: Drop The Pieces
Now that we're dead
And the dogs have our bones
We can laugh at our ink
Our hubris, our phones

In come the scribes
Like hunters and prey
Fishing for clues
To rewrite the days

Drop the pieces

Now that we're gone
The ghosts in our beds
Howl all the names
We held in our heads

Out went the logic
To make room for the saints
The patrons' new masters
With fresh cans of paint

Drop the pieces
Track Name: Reaction
You call my name
turn your back
you don't hear me
To place the blame and feel
attacked and defeated
It's not the same with us
this depravation
So jump this train, this bus
I'll find you a station

Never felt right this reaction
This reaction to me, repeated

We run and turn and hide
I don't believe it
We read between the lines
make up these meanings
We learn to live, we die
give, give up
feel defeated
We spend to fill our time
each day is repeated

Never felt right this reaction.
This reaction to me, repeated

Read between the lines
Now it's lost it's meaning
It’s how I spend my time
Track Name: This Currency Exchanged
Hit me like a wave
A feeling too uncommon
Every look we trade
Just pulls us deeper in
This currency exchanged
We're no longer shopping
We're on a different plane
A new start begins

Can't put a price on it
We know it's still worth something
It's worth this conversation
Worth unravelling
Don't like what's underneath
Just add a different topping
These games we have to play
No time to question it

Now we trade in flesh to bury our frustration
Track Name: Elapsed Remaining
I took a number
I took a seat
And from where I'm sitting
It’s all out of reach
If you find me on the steps
With my chin to my chest
It's because I've been waiting
Waiting like the rest

Time elapsed, time remaining
So much time, time just wasted

I live by the letter
I live by a creed
Waste not, want not
I live within my means
Waste not, want not
Because nothing's ever free

Time elapsed, time remaining
So much time, time just wasted
Track Name: Early Western Traders
Early western traders
Landing on these shores
Late night Cretans
Knocking in our doors
Befrienders of the glorious
Feasting in our fields
Lovers and their sidekicks
Busy making deals

Coffins for the gentlemen
So we all believe
Gather all our sorrow
And sell it to the plebes
No agreement in this nation
Confusion in the streets
We fill our shelves with expensive shit
No dignity, just grief
Track Name: Knock Don't Run
Knock, don't run
Tripping on a history
Of wars not won
Can't define this mystery

If I'm the one
Tell it to your vanity
Prodigal son
Sell it

Sell it to your family
Sell it all at once

Darkness hides
Right behind TV light
In bars at night
Drinking for our sanity

Will we decide
Or will we languish in this dream
Of empty lives

If I'm the one
Tell it to your vanity
A father's pride
Falling from his family tree

Sell it to your family
Sell it all at once

Knock, don't run
You are just your father's son
Track Name: Burned By A Fever
Burned by a fever, lost all reason, lost our heads
Want to believe her when she's lying in my bed
Like two hot wires controversial to connect
Full of desire and an ego to protect

The smell of fire, something burning brought you in
Dying to know what's underneath the surface
Look for a feeling, something warm to the touch
Nothing to see here, move along, your time is up

Is this real? Is this a dream?
Have I lost my memory?
Track Name: Call It A Night
Like a dog in a fight
Don't know wrong from what's right
The blind leading the blind

No longer careful with words
I can't believe what I heard
Perception is so disturbed

Now her pen is hot
Your middle finger is not
So just go piss in the wind

Look, you hit a wall
No more callers to call
You were so blind in the light

I reject your pretext
my reflex to your lame excuse

Like a dog in a fight
Don't know wrong from what's right
Lost in the darkest of times

No longer careful with words
I can't believe what I heard
Lost in a vacuum of sound

Now her pen is hot
Your middle finger was not
You won't let anyone in

Look, you hit a wall
No more callers to call
It's time to call it a night
Track Name: Split Decision
Outboard motor, harbor view
Sun on the bay, blinding you
Out on the water there are no regrets
Want to be free, want to forget

Giving notice, in from the cold
No ever-after, no getting old
Need to commit, need to revise
A trace of bourbon and a cube of ice

Across the border, out of view
Sun on the bed, silhouette of you
Walk on water, lost all bets
You make me free, you make me forget

Give me purpose when I grow old
Can’t live forever, I can’t let go
I can’t commit, I can’t revise
A trace of bourbon and a cup of ice

No clear vision
Split decision

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