All I Want For Chrizzzmas is Three Z's


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Recorded for Jon Solomon’s 30th-annual edition of the Holiday Radio Show!

A special 30 hour marathon (!!!), celebrating three decades of Christmas broadcasts on 103.3 fm WPRB.

We didn't try to cover and/or ruin any classics this time around. We wrote a rap* and tracked it, but this figgy pudding of ours was neither dense nor moist enough, so... instead we decided to celebrate each hour that Jon will be on the radio this year. In alphabetical order.

And with something this ridiculous, there's only one thing to do: bring in a hype man. Which begets a second thing to do: get the hype man to hype again. Hut! Hut! Hype!!

Hopefully this tune captures the feeling of being in a cab late at night, heading home after a holiday party. Things get a little woozy as you cross the bridge, but before you know it you'll be snoring in the backseat!

All the zzz's to you and yours...

*Maybe we'll expectorate these 16 bars at some future point:

Dred beat and Bloodloss
Let’s lubricate the goats
It’s time to make a toast
To the Fishwives, the Tanners
The first and last time callers
Everyone’s a baller
Batting a bee thousand
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Iliad, the Trojan War in Jamaica
Between sound systems
I put my money on Duke
Reid, not basketball
Organized sports, flesh condensed
It’s hard to cheer in the present tense


Hour 1 is for everything in Flux like Aeon
Hour 2 is for High Voltage like Scott, Bon
Hour 3 is for soul, disco, Funk Shun like Con
Hour 4 is for the Draper, Fleming, Giovanni and Teflon Dons
Hour 5 is for geological time, yes Eon
Hour 6 is for the hungry kids in the Hall like Fawn
Hour 7 is for the love that is Gone Daddy Gone
Hour 8 is for friends of the Wookies like Han
Hour 9 is for special atoms and molecules, yes Ions
Hour 10 is for the host Solomon Jon
Hour 11 is for “Space Seed” Montalban pre-Wrath of Khan
Hour 12 is for GET OFF MY LAWN
Hour 13 is for my Mom
Hour 14 is for Pagan Muzak-era NON
Hour 15 is Which Side Are You On?
Hour 16 is the side you pass the dutchie Pon
Hour 17 is for dum dum mechanics tum tum Quan
Hour 18 is for The Crystals version of "Da Doo Ron Ron"
Hour 19 is for the Death Letter from the House of Son
Hour 20 is for Miuzi Weighs A Ton
Hour 21 is for Newcastle, Nottingham & Nairobi schools UoN
Hour 22 is for Doyle’s friend from Lodi, Eerie Von
Hour 23 is for Jedi Master, Kenobi Obi-Wan
Hour 24 is for the data flow protocol XON
Hour 25 is for searching hither and Yon
Hour 26 is for Skweezy Jibbs getting called a Zon
Hour 27 is for what?
Hour 28 is for what?!
Hour 29 is for what?!?
Hour 30!!!


released December 25, 2018
Sohrab Habibion - vocals, bass, guitar
Michael Jaworski - hype, hat, hooch
Matt Schulz - drums

Recorded and mixed at King Killer in Brooklyn, NY


all rights reserved



SAVAK Brooklyn, New York

Formed in 2015 by members of The Obits, Holy Fuck and The Cops.

SAVAK is Sohrab Habibion, Michael Jaworski and Matt Schulz.

Joe Smyth

Silver PR
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